Which Liver functioning tests are carried out at Girn Hospital?

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Which Liver functioning tests are carried out at Girn Hospital?

  • October 18, 2021


Girn Hospital – One of the best Liver hospitals in Punjab that treats all kinds of Liver conditions and problems. When asked by Dr Hardev Ramandeep Singh Girn who is the best gastro doctor in Ludhiana about the reasons for the success of the hospital, replied that it is the efficient diagnosis that helps us to frame the individualized and the best of the result-oriented treatments.

What do the tests measure?

Different tests are accountable for measuring different things. Usually, for diagnostic purposes, these tests are taken into account which measures whether the liver is performing its protein production functions and elimination of the blood waste system normally or not.

There are some other tests as well which helps the doctor to figure out whether the cells from the liver are getting released to respond to some of the damage or the disease.

Did you know?

If the liver functioning tests have come out to be abnormal, then these are not always indicative of some of the diseases related to the liver.

Why are liver functioning tests done?

The liver functioning tests helps to:

  • Screen whether the liver is afflicted some sort of the infection or not

  • Monitor whether the particular disease which is bothering a patient is getting progressed or not.

  • Find out how severe has the disease become

  • Figure out if the intake of the medications is causing the possible side effects on a person or not.

Which Liver functioning tests are carried out at Girn Hospital?

Here are some of the tests which are performed at the hospital to diagnose the body conditions:

  • ALT (Alanine Transaminase)

There is an enzyme named ALT found in our liver that helps to convert the proteins into energy for the liver cells. In case, the liver gets damaged, then ALT strat getting released into the bloodstream.

  • AST (Aspartate transaminase)

AST is another kind of enzyme that helps in the metabolization of amino acids. AST is normally present in the blood at low levels. The increase in the AST does not only indicate liver damage but it does reflect that your muscles have gotten damaged.

  • ALP (Alkaline phosphatase)

It is one of the enzymes that is found both in the liver and the bones and is also important for breaking the higher proteins down. If more levels of the ALP are indicated, then it is referring to either of the following conditions:

Blocked Bile duct

Some kind of the bone disease

Albumin and total protein

Albumin is the kind of protein that is found in our bodies. The presence of these proteins is crucial to fight against infections and perform other functions. If your body is having these proteins in the least amount, then it is signifying some kind of the danger of the infection in the liver.

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Liver Tests – AST, ALT, ALP, Albumin, Bilirubin & Symptoms of liver disorders

  • April 5, 2021


Liver Tests – AST, ALT, ALP, Albumin, Bilirubin & Symptoms of liver disorders, When the health of your liver is to be evaluated keeping into consideration the level of the proteins and the enzymes and the availability of the bilirubin in the blood, then liver doctors in Punjab perform some liver tests. For that, you need to visit the liver hospital in Ludhiana which carries out the outpatient procedures to serve the purpose.

In which situations, the liver tests are taken up?

Liver tests are taken up if the doctor:

  • Suspects the affliction of either Hepatitis A or B has caused a considerably negative effect on the liver.
  • I Want to check whether the intake of certain medications daily affects normal liver health.
  • I Want to monitor the expansion of a particular disease.
  • Has to check about the performance and the results of the particular treatment.
  • I Want to assure you that you do not have any symptoms of liver disorders.


Which are the customary tests which are taken into account to check the functioning of the Liver?

  • ALT Test

For the breakdown of the proteins to get the energy, ALT which is an acronym for Alanine Transaminase is responsible. If somehow your liver is not functioning appropriately, then the ALT levels are supposed to get transfused in the blood which is not at all suggestive phenomena.

So to check, if such a thing is going on in the body ALT Tests are taken into account.

  • AST Test

This is collectively found in the heart, liver and muscles. As the ALT levels get transfused in the blood if the liver isn’t functioning properly, the AST levels also behave in the same way.

  • ALP Test

An alkaline Phosphatase test is considered if the patient is having the symptoms of any of the following:

  • Liver inflammation
  • Bone ailments
  • Obstructed Bile ducts
  • Albumin Test

The preliminary protein generated by the liver is accountable for carrying out the much-needed functions such as:

Preventing the blood vessels to suffer from the fluid leakage

Nourishment of the liver tissues

To provide the organs of the body with the necessary hormones, vitamins and other required substances.

  • Bilirubin Test

When red blood cells are fragmented, then a waste product comes into origin in the form of Bilirubin. It is usually excreted from the body in the form of stools. But before making its way to the digestive system, it goes into the liver where it gets processed. If the liver is hurt, then it could not efficiently handle this level. So this test is taken up to check whether the bilirubin is being rightly processed in the body or not.

What are the indications of the damaged or malfunctioning liver?

Following are the symptoms of the malfunctioning liver:

  • Weakness and Rapid Weight Loss
  • Nausea, Vomiting and Diarrhea
  • Abdominal Pain, Bruising & Bleeding
  • Darker Urine
  • Light Stools