Partial Hepatectomy

Partial Hepatectomy Liver Treatment in Ludhiana, Punjab

India: Partial Hepatectomy Liver Treatment in Ludhiana, Punjab, Partial hepatectomy term is used for removing the liver part. When patients consult Dr. Grin, they express a deep interest in knowing about the liver anatomy. Even the patient’s family, colleagues, and residents ask about the same. He took an effort and explained the liver anatomy in the given write-up.

Partial Hepatectomy

Liver Anatomy

The liver has an inflow, outflow from the liver veins so that blood can go back to the heart and biliary system. The majority of the blood from the intestine is designed to go back to the heart through the liver and this way of blood transport is referred to as the portal vein.
To understand it, the liver needs to be considered as a functional component dividing into 8 sections.
To understand it properly, the liver needs to be seen as a functional component. Each of the sections is known for performing independently and due to this it can be removed on its own or in combination with others. 2 sections are combined which are referred to as the left medial section, and left lateral sections. Others include the right anterior section and right posterior sector,


Right Hemihepatectomy

Liver removal of the right side is referred to as right Hemi (half) hepatectomy. In this, liver sections 5,6,7, and 8 are included.

Left Hemihepatectomy

Liver removal of the left side is referred to as left Hemi (half) hepatectomy. In this, the liver section 1,2,3, and 4 are included. In case, the combination of 2 segments is removed then it is referred to as segmentectomy.

Liver surgical procedures

For the liver alone around 14 to 15 surgical procedures are done. In case, combined with the bile duct, gallbladder, pancreas, portal vein, liver transplant, and splenic surgery will include 10 to 15 more procedures.

HPB and Transplant

Hepatopancreatobiliary (HPB) and Transplant surgery is an effective approach in the eastern and western world, but there is overlap in India. HPB is one of those approaches which is used in combination with GI Interventional surgery and Hepatology.

Robotic Surgery

Robotic surgery in the liver has a shorter learning curve for an HPB surgeon who is not aware of laparoscopic surgery. On the other hand, experienced laparoscopic HPB surgeon robotic surgery will not provide value in terms of economics. This is a fact for the centers in South Korea, and Japan.
In India, around 90% of the cases are performed successfully through keyhole/hybrid, or via open technique. Through this approach, it helps to minimize the extent of the incision.

CUSA (Cavitron Ultrasonic Surgical Aspirator)

The CUSA technique is primarily used for minimizing blood loss and increasing the extent of precision.

Thromboelastography (TEG)

TEG is a testing method for checking and monitoring blood coagulation. It is mostly used in centers for cirrhotic resection or extended resections.

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