What is Cancer and what do you need to know about its treatment?


What is Cancer and what do you need to know about its treatment?

  • November 9, 2020


What is cancer?

Cancer can arise in any part of the body when particular cells in the body are going to multiply itself and they can even spread to other tissues. Cancer arises because of defective genes but the reasons for this condition are not known. If the problem is left untreated then it can affect the vital tissues in the body. 

How Is Cancer Treated?

  • Most of the cancer types are cured with the help of surgery which is curative surgery. In some cases, cancer cannot be removed or it can be removed partly. Undergoing surgery can help you to get relief from symptoms which are referred to as palliative surgery. 
  • When the patient has got curative surgery, it is possible that the cancer cells spread in the blood vessels and then reach other organs. Chemotherapy is one of the treatments which helps in killing the cancer cells. If you get this type of additional treatment then it is known as adjuvant therapy which increases your chances to live a better life. 
  • In some cases, combinational treatment can be used which is referred to as palliative therapy. 

Advancements have been made in radiotherapy and chemotherapy which helps to limit the effect of side effects. Undergoing these treatments has helped the patients in improving their condition. By consulting the doctor you will get a better understanding of which treatment plan works the best for you. 

Advanced care in India

If a cure is not possible, then the treatment can help to increase your life, and you get to live a better quality of life.