Liver Cancer: Surgical Resection


The information mentioned in this write-up is to make our patients and families understand about health care delivery. In the absence of objective adult data from personal experience over 90% of primary, secondary, and initial tertiary/ICU care for liver & pancreas patients is provided in the 10 to 100 bedded private facilities throughout the state of Punjab.

Dr. Hardev Ramandeep Singh Girn has been a part of this field for over a decade and a half. Earlier, he was in the UK and for the last 8 years in Punjab. Currently, he is involved in one way or another in the major health care sectors in Punjab. He is changing the lives of the patients through liver transplantation. He is focused on providing dedicated liver services in the state.

Liver donor Liver transplant

Until now, his dedication and expertise have helped him to be a part of 28 out of 30 liver donor liver transplants done in our state. Dr. Grin has also been a part of the first even live liver donor transplant in Punjab. This includes complex resections in cirrhosis and non-cirrhotic patients. He has even helped to set the interventional radiology services with an able and skilled team of vascular interventionalist in the state.

Biggest Challenge

One of the biggest challenges in Punjab is to deliver cadaveric transplantation in Punjab. This is one of the reasons liver surgery in Punjab has not reached that mark where it was supposed to be. When we look around, we can learn that liver transplant units around the globe are a learning base for liver resectional experts who provide the services in their regions.
Dr. Grin experience over the years with several patients, learning from working hours, and lessons with an adaptable team of hepatologists, radiologists, gastroenterologists, critical care teams, and hospital managements with setting up the liver transplant facility has led him to complete over 100 complex HPB procedures.
Around 90% of the cases treated at our hospital have been considered as non-operated at other health care centers. This is the reason we take up the most complex cases of liver resection. Only 15% to 20% of the cases get the resectional surgery because most of the cases have advanced problems when they come in for the treatment.


Commonly asked questions

Dr. Grin has treated several patients in his liver surgical practice. Through this it has made to understand that some of the most common asked questions in the clinic are:

  • Is it possible to undergo liver surgery in Punjab?
  • Is liver cancer only treated through medications?
  • Is liver cancer only treated through medications?
  • Is liver surgery conducted through the keyhole or open procedure?
  • Is robotic surgery better as compared to keyhole or open surgery?
  • Is it essential to get a biopsy for all liver cancer?
  • How much liver can be removed?
  • Is liver resection only done for cancer patients?
  • What is meant by Cirrhosis?
  • For how long do I need to stay in the hospital?
  • What approach does the liver cancer patient need to follow after treatment?

Individualized treatment approach

The doctor provides the treatment by understanding the patient’s condition and liver removal is done safely for 70% of the patients. So, there is no way that all patients will get the same treatment. The amount of liver that needs to be removed should match with the:

  • Procedure
  • Preoperative liver status
  • Anatomy of the inflow and outflow
  • Functional status of the patient


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