Breakdown of the stages of liver disease from the renowned Hepatologist

Liver Treatment

Breakdown of the stages of liver disease from the renowned Hepatologist

  • November 25, 2021


The liver is one of the largest organs in the body which is known for performing various functions. It has been noted that around 500 functions are performed by the liver. One of the most imperative functions is to process food, alcohol, drugs, or poisons. It is better that you consult the board-certified liver doctor to take better care of your liver health. It might be possible that along with the liver doctor you need to consult the gastro doctor at our hospital in Ludhiana. This is because liver health can impact gastro health in many ways, so to better analyze it in the first important place.

Do you know?

Drug abuse, medications (certain ones), getting exposed to toxic chemicals, unhealthy diet, viruses, excess alcohol intake, genetics, and auto-immune disorder can lead to liver disease.

What are the stages of liver disease?

Although, no matter what is the cause, the liver disease progresses in different stages. For better understanding, our doctor of the leading liver hospital: Girn Hospital in Punjab has mentioned the variegated stages of liver disease.

Stage 1: Inflammation with ongoing damage

During this stage, the damage is in excess to the liver cells which makes the problem get enlarged. Additionally, there is abdominal pain but getting the treatment on time will treat the condition. In case, the condition in non-alcoholic fatty liver but no such symptoms are noticeable. You better schedule your appointment at the liver hospital to get the annual function tests and depending on the test results you will be told by the liver doctor in Ludhiana what treatment plan suits you the best.

Stage 2: Scarring on the liver tissues

If Stage 1 is not noticed or treated then the tissues are likely to get scarred. In medical terms, it is known as fibrosis (cirrhosis). This condition is likely to impact the liver and then the blood flow will be to the liver. Although, when the blood flow is not in the right amount there will be problems. This is where you need to take all the medications, change your lifestyle, and get the treatment to reserve the problem.

Stage 3: Liver Cirrhosis, Healing will be done on its own

Scarring is to the fullest level and the healing won’t be done on its own. The ideal treatment plan for the patients is a liver transplant. Symptoms are pretty evident that no one will miss out on them at any cost. From dealing with excess pain to losing appetite, the patient will have several health issues.

Stage 4: End-stage liver disease (FATAL)

Liver failure can be broadly classified into 2 categories:

  • Acute liver failure (occurs within 48 to 72 hours) Reason is not alcohol consumption

  • Chronic liver failure (Takes time to create problem & happens due to alcohol intake)

In this condition, the patient experiences nausea, weight loss, loss of appetite, vomiting, and diarrhea. ESLD is termed as fatal & doing the liver transplant on time will help a lot.

Stage 5: Liver Cancer (can be included)

Well, every doctor has a different view as to whether there are 5 or 4 stages. This is because cancer can develop at any time and it might be possible the reason is not liver disease. There is no specific sequence as to when liver cancer can occur.

Final word!

Take the right measures at the right time because delaying the situation for a long time will result in a lot of problems. So, better seek medical assistance on time.

Liver Treatment

Which Super-Drinks Are Known To Be Highly Effective For Digestion?

  • November 18, 2021


According to the gastro doctor in Ludhiana, “No matter whether you are feasting on some celebratory meal or you are just having your light snack for a little hunger, each of the food items needs to be digested properly.”

Accept it or not, It happens!

If our digestive system would be smooth, only then we would:

  • Feel Good
  • Look Good
  • Perform Good

Note: You should keep up with the regular visits to the liver hospital in Punjab to make sure your liver is completely healthy and there is not even a single problem that is showing its symptoms.


The yeasts and the bacteria are fermented with the sweetened tea. It is one of the most refreshing drinks that is rich in probiotics. It is one of the carbonated drinks that is extremely light.

With the help of the probiotics, the gut runs smoothly with the live bacteria. If we come to the health benefits of the probiotics, they are many:

  • These are known to boost the immune system
  • These help to improve the blood sugar
  • Reduction in the chances to suffer from inflammation
  • The improvement of your overall gut

Ginger Tea

It is suggested to drink the warm ginger tea either before or while having a big fat meal. It will keep on improving your digestive health by making you prevent against the following:

  • Heartburn
  • Stomachache
  • Indigestion

It is because the roots of the ginger help to stimulate the following:

  • Saliva Flow
  • Bile Juice
  • Gastric Juice Production

Lemongrass Tea

Lemongrass tea is not only awesome in taste, but it does also help the individual to make the stomach soothes. With the regular consumption of Lemongrass tea, the digestive functions can be kept in check. Lemongrass is known to help relieve various kinds of symptoms concerning the digestive system. It is the compound that provides the individual with so many anti-inflammatory benefits.

Peppermint Tea

Peppermint contains the natural chemicals that help the digestive tract to reduce the spasms in the gut. With that, your body becomes even more relaxed and it triggers your body to make the food digested so early. This might be one of the probable reasons that the doctor suggests drinking peppermint tea for those who are succumbed to irritable bowel syndrome.


It is one of the energy boosters that is known to stimulate the senses when the individual gets up from the bed.

It stimulates your digestive tract as well. No doubt, coffee helps you with your bowel movement. But it is suggested that you should not solely rely on coffee for enhancing your digestive capabilities.


It is one of the digestive aids provided by nature which neither have taste nor colour. There are various advantages of drinking water but there is not even a single disadvantage of the same.

Final Comments!

Must tell us, which among the aforementioned drinks have you incorporated into your daily life. If you want to see more such informative blog posts, then please stay tuned with us.